IWC Gold Medal Tasting Awards

A Taste of Gold wine tasting

A Taste of Gold is an annual wine tasting event celebrating IWC gold medal-winning wine and sake. Both the public and the wine trade are invited to taste award-winning wines from around the world from producers who have won a coveted gold medal at the IWC 2015.

A Taste of Gold will also be attended by four of the IWC Co-Chairmen; Tim Atkin MW, Oz Clarke, Peter McCombie MW and Charles Metcalfe. This will be a fantastic opportunity to taste with the experts and see why the wines have achieved Gold medal status.

A Taste of Gold 2015 is now closed. Dates for 2016 will be announced towards the end of the year.

A sociable wine tasting event in London - A Taste of Gold
An opportunity to taste wines that have won an IWC Gold medal